Solid Geophysics Laboratory

Head of Laboratory:

Dr. Muhammad Hamzah, S.Si, M.Si

We are working on education and research related to exploration geophysics, which is used to sense subsurface structure seismic waves, electrical current, gravity, magnetic, etc. and their application to in-situ evaluation of underground. The member of the laboratory have a long record of research and consulting activites, both at national and international level. The main research actvities include Applied Geophysics on the Laboratory of Solid Geophysics. The laboratory has conducted research in fields such as oil & gas, water supply, geothermal resources, potential field data acquisition for mineral exploration, mapping, and inversion theory based development of processing and interpretation algoritms for geophysical data.
Geoinformatics Laboratory
Head of Laboratory:

Dr. Erfan Syamsuddin, M.Si


The Geoinformatics laboratory supports research and teaching for many academic units in the areas of GIS, remote sensing, 3D visualization, and spatial statistical analysis and modelling. The GIS laboratory offers courses tailored for students at all levels. The major research of the laboratory includes computational methods using matlab, C++ and python, geospatial data dissemination, land use, conservation, and environmental analysis. We have a server that can enable students to practice remote computing using Network Attached Storage (NAS), where lecturers and students can store data. The computation results can be used by other students as a reference for further research.

Hydrometeorology Laboratory

Head of Laboratory:

Prof. Dr. H.Halmar Halide, M.Sc

Research at the Hydrometeorology laboratory includes rainfall analysis, hydrological processes and models, climate change and their impacts on different environmental systems, quantitative precipitation estimation, droughts, and many more.
Coastal and Ocean Dynamics Laboratory
Head of Laboratory:

Drs. Hasanuddin, M.Si

In coastal and ocean dynamics laboratory, we study how physical processes shape coastal waters combining principles of fluid mechanics, oceanography, and ecology. We use both field observations and numerical experiments to examine circulation on coastal and ocean dynamic. The laboratory has conducted research in fields such as tidal wave, salinity, coastal currents, wind speed, sea depth measurement and many more.