The collaboration of GSP with industry:

1) The process of learning and research

Inviting practitioners from the industrial world both domestic and abroad. Special lectures are regularly conducted by professionals and researchers. We have establish cooperations with professional organisastion such as Society Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Society of Exprolation Geophysicist (SEG), European Association Geoscientist (EAGE), Indonesian Geophysicist Association (HAGI) and Meteorology and Geophysics Council of Indonesia (BMKG). Some of GSP staff are members of these associations. Some of these professional organisations have established student chapters. Students have involved in these associations activities. For example, the SPE Hasanuddin University student chapter had received presidential award for outstanding student chapter in 2018 and 2019. Several students have opportunities to attend annual SPE and SEG technical exhibition and conference. Besides that, GSP also presents practitioners through student organizations to share knowledge and skills related to the field they are engaged in.  Several Universities such as Hasanuddin University (UNHAS), Mulawarman University (UNMUL), Tadulako University (UNTAD), Haluoleo University (UHO) in eastern part of Indonesia has established cooperations in the form of consorsium, namely Geoscience consorsium.

At the end of their study, all of the students have to conduct Student Community Services Program (KKN) which is generally done in domestic. Lately several students have been doing the program in Japan. All students have to conduct internships in industries or institutions related to geophysics. The activity has carried out for 1.5 to 2 months. Also, the students carry out their final project research in industrial companies under the guidance of practitioners. After completing the internship must conduct a presentation in front of the supervisors. Several courses require both practical in laboratory and in the field. Students learn to apply the geophysical methods based on courses. There are two field study such as GeoCamp and field study where the students and lectures are joint together to conduct the practical of geophysical methods.

2) Donations

Donations are also given related to the process that occurs in study programs both related to academic and non-academic activities. This assistance is in the form of financial assistance which is generally converted into goods that can be used directly both related to the learning process and student activities.

3) Job information

Some companies provide information about job openings in various agencies through the campus and social media (What’sApp Group and Facebook). Provision of work information is done directly such as through the provision of material about job prospects for alumni.