Internship Program

The compulsory internship period in the GSP is divided into Job Training/ Practical Work that acquaints students with their potential future work; and Student Community Services. The Job Training/ Practical Work aims to provide students with an experience of what paid work is like. After the Job Training/ Practical Work, the student will be able to define and explain what is involved in working for an employer, what the basic rules of the real world of work are from the employee’s perspective, apply knowledge from university in work, and further, evaluate how to act in a working community. The objective is for the student to learn to interact as an employee in a working community. This take time up to three months.

The second is student community service. In this course, it is compulsory for the students to live in appointed communities up to 2 months. The students are expected to apply their knowledge and skills related to their field of studies to solve problems in community in those areas. Student Community Service management are organized by the Unit of Student Community Service Hasanuddin University follow the regulations from Rector Degree.