Intended Learning Outcome

  1. Underlying basis
  • Understand the principle of science as a basic of earth science used in solid earth, meteorology and oceanography
  • Awareness of the applications and responsibilities of Geosciences and its role in society including natural hazards, resource exploration and management, and environmental issues.
  • Understand the principles of Indonesian citizenship and culture
  1. Analysis, Design and Implementation
  • Ability to select and use relevant analytic and modelling methods in Geophysics
  • Ability to quantitatively describe the behavior of natural system and the principles of geophysical measurement
  • Ability to undertake observations in field and laboratory works with a variety of geophysical instruments, parameters reduce, model, and interpret their data and uncertainties.
  1. Technological, Methodological and Transferable Skills
  • Effectively communicate their scientific knowledge through written and oral presentations.
  • Demonstrate effective team-work and individual skills.